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Sessions – Day 2

June 16th Opening Session
KEYNOTE: Cutting-Edge Cool, Brad Gustafson

Breakout 1 Breakout 2 Breakout 3 Breakout 4 Breakout 5 Breakout 6 Breakout 7 Breakout 8 Breakout 9 Breakout 10 Breakout 11
9:55am-10:00am Transition 
Administrator Panel: Preparing for Next Year
Materials Matter
Need an Assessment Management System? Learn about Maste...
Tools to Make Your Library 24/7
SPED Services in a COVID World
Building an Engaged Community in Canvas
10:45am-10:50am Transition
Software Innovation Network and Nebraska Cloud
Possibility of Virtual MAP Growth Testing
Open Educational Resources
Tech Kits, NebraskAccess, and More from the Nebraska Li...
Communication with SeeSaw for Teachers and Parents
High 5 Your Students: Making the Most of Your LMS
Cares Act Funding
Canvas-Lms For Beginners And Newbies - Part 1
DAP in Elementary
Why use sensory & motor activities to promote academic ...
Making the Most of Canvas Analytics
11:15am-11:20am Transition
Internet Access Data and Homework Gap
High Quality Remote Learning in Elementary Classrooms
CK-12 Open Curriculum
Weebly and the Library Website
Remote Learning Parent Communication
Tips and Tricks for Synchronous Connections with Studen...
NDE's New Hierarchy of Digital Learning Needs and Curre...
Canvas-LMS for Beginners and Newbies - Part 2
Mental Wellness Tips
Task Cards as a Project Based Learning Starter
11:45am-12:00pm Closing